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Top 10 Sewing Kits November 2017

Top 10 Sewing Kits November 2017

A couple of months have passed since our last Top 10 Sewing Kits blog post, which means that we’ve had time to source so many new sewing, quilting and felting designs! As expected, many our sewing kits are Christmas-themed, but there are a fair few straying from festivities. This month, we have kits from the likes of Design and Sew, Tilda, Corinne Lapierre, House of Alistair and ADORNit, so you know there’s a lot of excitement to come!

10. Fusible Applique Quilt Kit – Bug’s Paradise

Is there much cuter than accessories for kids? It could literally be anything. Little booties, miniature hats, tiny toys, but most of all… children’s quilts! As you all know, Visage Textiles supply a huge range of beautiful, stylish and totally adorable fabrics, but now they’ve entered a different territory. This kids’ quilt kit is themed around cute cartoon insects and counting, meaning that it’s fun and it gets them thinking about numbers. It contains all the pre-measured fabrics, instructions and templates you need; all you need extra is a sewing machine and some wadding.

9. Design and Sew Ffion Bag

Handbags can be an essential accessory for some. But the problem is, they’re usually so expensive. The good news is that obtaining a fashion-forward accessory doesn’t have to be a difficult feat; Design and Sew offer a range of sewing kits for you to make one at home. This kit is for the “Ffion Bag” — a contemporary handbag that features an intricate pattern of feathers in vibrant pink, beige, and blue tones. You’ll receive the main fabric, lining fabric and contrast fabric, plus lightweight synthetic wadding and comprehensive instructions to guide you throughout.

8. Tilda Colourful Fox Kit

Many of us have family heirlooms from bygone years or toys from childhood that look… a little worse for wear. But that’s why we love them! Stuffed toys have so many memories attached to them — more so if it was made especially for you. Yes, bespoke toys are back in — and we have the perfect kit from Tilda. This “Colourful Fox” kit contains the essential materials required to piece together a sweet 61cm tall patchwork fox. Create this beautiful creature using the vintage-style fabrics included in the kit, or use your own to give this foxy character a different style and feel.

7. Corinne Lapierre 12 Days of Christmas Mini Kits

Launched just a few days ago, Corinne Lapierre’s brand new range of Christmas Mini Kits has proved a huge success amongst Create & Crafters. So much so that the complete collection sold out in a matter of hours. But it isn’t all doom and gloom — we’ve added more stock for those who missed out on the 12 Days of Christmas Full Set! This collection contains a swan, maid-a-milking, drum, turtle dove, lord leaping, French hen, and other mini kits that you can transform into charming felt decorations. You can also buy most mini kits individually or in sets of three.

6. ADORNit One Hour Snowtime Quilt Kit

If you enjoy quilting but don’t have a lot of time to do it, ADORNit has the perfect solution. Creating a cosy quilt for the festive season has never been easier; the “One Hour Snowtime Quilt” kit offers all the fabrics, instructions and cutting templates you need to make up a 42″ x 54″ quilt in next-to-no-time at all. The fabrics feature joyful and lighthearted sentiments like “There’s snow place like home”, alongside imagery of snowmen and snowflakes. This quilt incorporates a seasonal colour scheme mostly made up of bright blues, traditional reds, and crisp snowy whites.

5. Design and Sew Rhiannon Bag

Next up, we have another homemade bag design from Design and Sew. The “Rhiannon Bag” features watercolour images of flowers on an off-white fabric, in a choice of two colourways (pink or blue!). This must-have fashion accessory has a modern and stylish shape with the capacity to hold all your day-to-day items. Again, you’ll receive the main fabric, contrast fabric and lining fabric needed to complete this make, each of which are 100% cotton for utmost comfort. There are also easy-to-follow instructions and a pattern to take you step-by-step through the project.

4. House of Alistair Hot Water Bottle Kit

Now that it’s November, the temperature outside has cooled significantly. This may be something that a lot of us aren’t happy about, but at least it gives us an excuse to get the hot water bottles out. If you don’t yet have one, don’t race off to the shops just yet — one of our latest arrivals from House of Alistair enables you to make one that’s far easier on the eye! This “Hot Water Bottle Kit” contains 100% polyester antipil polar fleece, 100% cotton Liberty Print fabric (3 design options), a 2-litre hot water bottle, a pattern and instructions for you to keep toasty this winter.

3. Corinne Lapierre Cactus Minikit

This is our most inexpensive find of the month — but it certainly doesn’t lack in quality! For those of you unaware of Corinne Lapierre, she specialises in felting kits. We mentioned her 12 Days of Christmas Mini Kits earlier, but for the scrooges out there we thought we’d offer something a little different. This “Cactus Minikit” is a treat for those who love all things quirky, enabling you to create an original, colourful and useful cactus pincushion. The kit contains absolutely everything you need to complete the make, which stands at 8cm tall and 6cm in width at its widest.

2. Design and Sew Wildwood Reversible Bucket Bag

Our last entry from Design and Sew is another inventive bag design, but this time it’s a “Wildwood Reversible Bucket Bag”. The design likens itself to a traditional tote bag, providing a touch of style to your day-to-day errands. You’ll receive main fabric and lining fabric, each 100% cotton to ensure longlasting durability whilst carrying your items. The best part of this bag is that it’s reversible! One side features an abstract woodland scene, while the other has a subtle dotted design in greens, blues, and greys. There are even smaller pockets for your purse and phone!

1. ADORNit Snow Place Like Home Quilt Kit

This design may look somewhat familiar because we featured another quilt from ADORNit‘s range earlier in this list, which includes similar fabrics. So what’s the difference between the two quilt kits? Firstly, the size of the quilt. This “Snow Place Like Home” quilt kit makes up a large 41″ x 60″ quilt that’s not only great to snuggle under, but can also be used as a wall hanging. Secondly, the sheer quantity of materials included in the kit. You’ll receive a huge variety of fat quarters, fat eights, ribbons, ticker-tape, swag and fabric strips, plus cutting templates and instructions.

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