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The Rise of Rose Gold: Is it the New Black?

Rose gold has been a prominent colour in the fashion industry for quite some time, but it comes in and out of popularity. We can say now, for sure, it’s definitely IN. Why the sudden surge in popularity again? You can thank a certain phone manufacturer’s 6th version of their best-selling smartphone. When they released a rose gold tinted phone, the world went crazy for it. Since that time, the hue hasn’t seemed to have shifted in the fashion world. In actuality, it’s no longer restricted to the fashion world – now crafters can go mad for rose gold, too.

The colour ‘rose gold‘ is the combination phrase given to gold alloy mixed with copper, resulting in a pinkish-gold shade. But the official term sounds way fancier. What makes the hue so popular is probably that’s it’s a shade of pink – but isn’t too pink. It’s a little girly, but not too girly. Rose gold is the perfect in between; it’s warm and almost blushes in the light. The colour is notoriously found within the jewellery industry; some fine jewellers favour this hue because it’s more subtle than vibrant yellow gold or bright white gold. It’s fierce, it’s flattering, and the best part? We have rose gold craft products here at Create & Craft!

Rose Gold Dressmaking Shears

Long, sharp chrome-finished blades held between stunning rose gold tinted handles. Is this a dream? Have you died and gone to heaven? It’s all true, my friends. We, too, were completely flabbergasted when we discovered these rose gold dressmaking shears. Plus, they’re a part of Groves and BanksHemline range, so you can rest assured that they’re of tip-top quality.

Rose Gold Embroidery Scissors

If you loved the dressmaking shears, you’re going to absolutely adore its mini-me. These rose gold embroidery scissors are the epitome of style, measuring just 67mm. Further proving that everything is prettier in (gold) pink, their shiny, glossy finish ensures that they’re an attention-grabbing stitching tool in any stitcher’s craft kit. Grey scissors are so last year.

Beads Direct Findings Collection in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Our next find comes from Beads Direct – and it contains over 1200 pieces! This findings collection contains silver, gold and rose gold elements, but the more the merrier, right? No longer can you only choose between gold and silver – rose gold is a valiant contender with lots of character. Just look at that rich, warm shine; you can’t really beat it.

Silhouette Printable Rose Gold Foil

If you’re hoping for a rose gold overload, we’ve definitely found it. These printable foil sheets are 100% rose gold – nothing more, nothing less. With a super-shiny finish and irresistible sheen, these sheets enable you to literally add your favourite colour to anything. Stick it to jars, cards, gifts, wall art, invitations, home decor…. basically everything you own!

Gilded Cards in Rose Gold and Pewter

From the unavoidable to the discreet. At first glance, you can hardly notice any rose gold. “Boo”, you must’ve thought. But these card blanks have a big secret – they’re delicately gilded around the edges with luxurious pewter and rose gold accents. The effect somewhat mimics watercolour painting – subtle yet slick. Go on, you know you’re curious to take a closer look!

Are you a rose-gold-aholic? We’ve got to see all of your rose-gold-infused projects and supplies! Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a comment on the blog below.

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