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NEW Spellbinders Lene Lok & Marisa Job Collections [+ Projects!]

NEW Spellbinders Lene Lok & Marisa Job Collections [+ Projects!]

We bring you exciting news today, Create & Crafters! Spellbinders are back with even more fabulousness for you to enjoy. Their latest collections are designed by Marisa Job and Lene Lok — two big names in the crafting industry.

Marisa Job’s “Thoughtful Expressions”

Marisa Job has been crafting ever since she can remember. Her parents were in the clothing industry, so she learned how to design clothes and sew. She’s been involved in papercrafting for over 20 years — ever since she purchased her first rubber stamp — and became immediately hooked. She has a passion for rubber stamping, die-cutting, cardmaking and scrapbooking, which led her to design cutting dies and rubber stamps for several companies in the craft industry — most notably Spellbinders. And now, it’s time for her latest collection.

“Thoughtful Expressions” is all about the sentimental value of papercraft projects so, of course, a sincere sentiment is usually at the forefront of the design. You could send your loved ones “God Bless You”, “Thinking of You” and “Just For You” cards, each skillfully embellished with intricate floral elements and lovely layered vines.

Thoughtful Expressions Layers of Floral Card Project

This project will show you how to create a really pretty greetings card using the Layers of Floral three piece die set from Spellbinders’ Thoughtful Expressions range. You’ll be able to create a wonderful 3-dimensional layered effect!

This project was created by Ann-Marie Vaux and takes about 30 minutes to make. (Beginner-Intermediate!)

Find the Printable Version of This Project Here!

Materials You’ll Need:

Learn how to create this card by watching the video below!

Lene Lok’s “Four Seasons”

Growing up in Denmark, influenced by minimalist Scandinavian design, Lene Lok’s work has always been closely defined by clean, modern, and geometric styles. Her passion for design and creativity has been the driving force behind her career in product design. Lene has been a product designer in a number of industries with various international clients since 2000, but discovered the papercrafting industry in 2008. She found it extremely rewarding to be able to create beautiful Scandinavian and Asian influenced artwork that could be translated into dies and used by others to create their own artwork in cards, journals, and scrapbook pages. Now with Spellbinders, Lene feels at home with her design freedom and her love of giving crafters the tools necessary to make beautiful art.

“Four Seasons” beautifully encapsulates the Earth’s seasonal changes throughout the year, focussing on silhouette tree designs to portray these transitions. The collection includes various die embellishments that enable you to build a scene upon your tree silhouettes, such as rope swings, Adirondack chairs, apples, snowflakes, and canopies.

Four Seasons Silhouette Card Project

Create a colourful card that is ideal for so many occasions throughout the year using some of the Four Seasons die sets from Spellbinders. Using a pastel colour wash for the silhouettes and bases, this project is perfect for non-artists as well as the advanced crafter. There are so many die combinations to choose from to really make it your own.

This project was created by Ann-Marie Vaux and takes about 30 minutes to make. (Beginner-Intermediate!)

Find the Printable Version of This Project Here!

Materials You’ll Need:


1. Die-cut 4 plain bases from the plain square die in the Spellbinders Four Seasons Silhouette die set in white card.

2. Die-cut each of the silhouette dies from the Spellbinders Four Seasons Silhouette die set in white card.

3. Die-cut all 4 of the seasons from the Spellbinders Seasonal Words die set in white card.

4. Using your watercolour pens/pencils, give the plain bases and the word die-cuts a wash of colour. I simply washed the colour through the centre of each base in seasonal colours and then matched the word die-cuts in the same colour. I applied the colour heavier at the top of the word to produce an ombre effect.

5. Lightly watercolour the 4 silhouette die-cuts, picking out the colours to suit each of the seasons. Leave a proportion of the silhouette white.

6. Create a matt layer using pale blue cardstock for the 7″ x 7″ base card.

7. Take the cutout silhouette and the matching coloured base. (I used green for spring, pink for summer, orange for autumn, and pale blue for winter.)

8. Attach the silhouette die-cut over the top of the solid base.

9. You will then have 4 mini silhouettes.

10. Start adding the elements to the card. I started with the spring word, then the spring silhouette.

11. Add the summer wording and silhouette.

12. Then add the autumn silhouette and wording.

13. Finally, add the winter silhouette and wording.

14. Your card is finished!

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