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Sarah Millsop’s French Beaded Flower Hair Clip

Sarah Millsop’s French Beaded Flower Hair Clip

“There are many different forms of flowers and ways to shape them using French Beading techniques. This French Beaded Flower hair clip project shows you a basic ‘Crossover Loop’, which is a generic and quick form flower ideal for crafting projects.” – Sarah Millsop

You Will Need:

Start with approx. 80cm of seed beads on your wire. You do not to cut any from the spool, just thread them straight on. If you have a bead spinner, your wire can be used as the needle directly into the pot. Just bend the wire to replicate the shape of your spinner needle. This will drastically reduce your preparation time, but isn’t necessary to complete the project.

Step 1:

Leave a 10cm tail and bring up approx. 6cm of seed beads from your pre-strung section. Fold them over to form a loop and twist the wire twice to secure it. Your beads should be up close to each other – no gaps.

Step 2:

Bring up another set of beads, long enough to reach the top of the loop. They need to fill this space neatly and the wire will fold over the top and sit in between the beads from step 1.

Step 3:

Once the wire is sitting neatly over the loop, bring up enough beads to fill this side of your loop. Again, just enough to sit neatly inside.

Step 4:

Secure the wire by twisting two or three times.

Step 5:

Move along just a few cm down the wire (towards the beads and spool) and repeat steps 1 – 4.

Step 6:

Each of these sections gives you a petal and you should repeat until you have a row of 6. Try to keep the gap in between each petal as small as possible.

Step 7:

Bring the two ends of your wire together to make a circle out of your row of petals. Twist the ends together to secure and neaten. You can tighten up and pull some of the petals closer by wrapping the wire through the middle and crossing over the top centre of your circle.

Step 8:

Neaten and flatten the petals, forming them into shapes to replicate a petal ‘curve’. The rows from steps 2 and 3 should sit neatly together as the middle two rows, and the beads from step 1 give you the outline shape.

Step 9:

Cut the wire from the spool once you’re happy with the shape. You can leave this at the same length as the other tail of wire.

Step 10:

Cut a 10cm section of wire, add a pearl to the middle, and bring the wire together around the pearl, twisting twice to secure. Thread this through the middle of your flower and twist the wire around the flower stem to secure. You can trim any excess of this wire to neaten. Take care not to cut the wire from your flower stem.

Step 11:

Use the wire from your flower stem to attach your flower to an accessory to complete your make. This could be a brooch back, a hairclip, tiara base, or even to glue to a card or gift box.

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