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Russian Leaf Peyote Stitch Tutorial [Video]

Russian Leaf Peyote Stitch Tutorial [Video]

This is a gorgeous pattern to use in autumn. Learn how to create lovely leaf-like shapes that can be used for so many jewellery making and crafting projects. We’ll be using a diagonal peyote stitch to complete these Russian Leaves. Watch the tutorial video and bead along!

Russian Leaves use the diagonal peyote stitch to create a gorgeous three-dimensional V-shaped shape that imitates a leaf. The beading stitch produces remarkable fabric-like qualities, draping beautifully when worn as earrings or other jewellery pieces. Once you feel comfortable with this stitch, it can be manipulated to create more fun shapes and designs!

Size 8 seed beads are a great size to begin learning how to create Russian Leaves. It’s best to choose seed beads in two or more different colours so that you can incorporate colour-coordinated design into your stitching. Other than seed beads, you’ll also need beading thread, a size 10 or 15 beading needle, embroidery scissors, and ear wires and jumprings to transform the designs into a pair of earrings, or you can use them as embellishments.

This project is rated at an intermediate level, but with practice, I’ve no doubt that anyone can pick it up. It’s all about getting comfortable with bead weaving and following the pattern!

In the video, I refer to the two colours of seed beads as a ‘frame bead’ and an ‘accent bead’. One seed bead will give you the mainframe and coverage of your leaf, while the other provides small, coloured accents around the outer edges. I’ve also written a brief overview for you to follow, referring beads ‘F’ for the frame and ‘A’ for the accents. Sarah Millsop

Find the Written & Printable Russian Leaves Project Here!

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    • Hi Jean! We just tested it on an iPad here and the video is playing fine for us. Is your internet browser up-to-date? That’s the only reason I can think of why it wouldn’t be working. Alternatively, you can click through to YouTube from the video on this article and you may have better luck watching it there! I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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