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Mich Turner: Have Your Cake and Eat It

We’re delighted to introduce Mich Turner’s brand new book, Have Your Cake and Eat It, which takes a different approach to baking. Cakes, biscuits and other treats are renowned for being guilty pleasures. We often feel bad when we partake in the consumption of our favourite bakes, but we really shouldn’t have to. To resolve this issue, Have Your Cake and Eat It features “Nutritious, Delicious Recipes for Healthier, Everyday Baking”. If you’re looking for nourishing recipes to bake for Easter, birthdays, or just because, this inspirational recipe book will give you a reason to bake for your family and friends a lot more often.

Mich Turner MBE is a celebrity baker who’s acclaimed for outstanding cakes. She’s even been called “The Bentley of cake makers” by Gordon Ramsey and “The Michelangelo of cakes” by Pierce Brosnan. She really is the business. That’s why we’re ecstatic about bringing her fresh baking bible, Have Your Cake and Eat It, to you. In summary, the book describes:

“Celebrity baker, Mich Turner, rises to the challenge with a smarter take on sweet bakes – so you can have your cake and eat it! Her yummy recipes, which include cakes, cookies, meringues, bars, muffins and cupcakes, are made healthier and more nutritious by including fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and also alternatives for glutens, fats, sugars and dairy to accommodate your diet and lifestyle.”

In short, Mich has put together ingenious recipes that find the perfect harmony between heavenly flavours and nutritious content. She aims to destroy the negative stereotype that healthy food is boring and tasteless; baking healthier cakes doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice deliciousness. But this isn’t just a recipe book – Mich also provides advice and recommendations for alternative flours, sugars and fats, so you can substitute core ingredients yourself. Additionally, she offers ‘skinny’ bakes for those watching their waists, so they don’t have to miss out. Find tips and expertise from a world-renowned cake crafter.

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What Recipes Can You Expect to Find?

Combining amusing puns with exciting combinations of ingredients, you can expect to find everything from Peach Melba Muffins, ‘You’ve Got a Fiand in Me’ – Blueberry Friands, and an All-Natural Red Velvet Cake, to a Tropical Hazelnut Meringue, ‘Zucchini Pikini, into your Bikini’ Cake, and the Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Cake (Gluten-Free!). The diversity here is incredible.

Would you like an exclusive sneak-peek of Mich’s favourite recipes from her new book?

Check out our new series of Mich in the Kitchen videos! You’ll discover Mich making cakes, curds, meringues and buttercreams that are featured in Have Your Cake and Eat It.

Mich’s Heavenly Vanilla Cake is a “to-die-for-cake that never fails to impress”. It’s a butter-based delicacy that’s spiked with vanilla syrup once baked to produce the ultimate vanilla treat. It features low-sugar Swiss meringue buttercream flavoured with freeze-dried blackcurrant powder, which “adds an intensity of flavour without adding any additional sugar or artificial colour”. Showcasing great quality ingredients, this cake is “food for the Gods!”.

The Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Cake (Gluten-Free) is a “not so much ‘Death by Chocolate’ as ‘Died and Gone to Heaven Chocolate’ cake”. Catering for those intolerant to gluten or trying to cut down on wheat, this chocolatey masterpiece is Mich’s gluten-free version of her ‘Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Torte’. Featuring melted chocolate within the cake and very little flour (using ground almonds as a substitute), this is an “indulgent cake with a fudgy centre”.

Click here to find more ‘Have Your Cake and Eat It’ videos from Mich in the Kitchen!

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