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Letter to Santa

With Christmas just around the corner, make sure your wish list reaches the North Pole in time with this special letter envelope to Santa.

letter to santa

A quick make to master, get little ones involved in this crafty project to boost their festive excitement. Also serving as the perfect pocket pouch for tucking small gifts inside, read on for how to create your own felt envelope…


15 x 25cm (6 x 9 3/4 inches) of white felt
20cm (7 3/4 inches) of ribbon or scraps of coloured felt and mini buttons
1 mini button for the back of the envelope
Contrasting embroidery cotton Fabric glue


Paper, fabric and embroidery scissors
Dressmaking pins
Embroidery needle


  1. On your piece of paper, draw a 15 x 25cm (6 x 9 3/4 inches) rectangle. Holding the rectangle vertically with the long edges at the side, draw a horizontal line (A) 9cm (3 1⁄2 inches) from the bottom and another one (B) 7cm (2 3⁄4 inches) from the top. These will be your fold lines. Mark the middle of the top edge and draw two lines from this point to the edges of line B. This will be the flap of your envelope. Curve the point slightly. Cut out the template and transfer it to the felt, marking the fold lines with pins. Cut out the shape.
  2. Fold your felt along lines A and B and iron flat to mark the folds.letter
  3. On the front of the envelope, write the name and/or the address of the recipient with a faint pencil line. Try to keep the writing neat and regular, and centre it on the envelope. Embroider with back stitch.
  4. Draw the stamp and embroider it in the same way. This could be something very simple such as a rectangle with a heart or a snowflake in it.
  5. Close the sides of the envelope with blanket or overhand stitch.letter2
  6. Add small decorations to the envelope. For example, make a bow with the ribbon and stick it on to the front of the envelope with fabric glue. Alternatively, use the stocking or candy cane template on page 48 and cut one out in a different-coloured felt. Stick it on to the corner of the envelope and add a few little buttons to decorate. Add a tiny button to the point of the flap on the back. Be as creative as you want to personalise your envelope.

If you fancy trying your hand at a few more crafty Christmas projects, be sure to check out ‘Twenty to Make: Felt Christmas Decorations‘ by Create and Craft guest presenter, Corinne Lapierre.

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