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How to Make an Inked “Blessings” Card Using Spellbinders Dies

How to Make an Inked “Blessings” Card Using Spellbinders Dies

I picked some of my favourite Spellbinders dies from last year to make this inked “Blessings” card project. It’s not only pretty to look at, but it always includes some of your favourite techniques to use! Inking and blending add a pop of colour to any project and for the start of a new year, what better way to use colour than creating a project that’ll brighten anyone’s day in this cold winter? — Ann-Marie Vaux

Time to Make: Approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Materials You’ll Need:

Step 1:

Cut 2 squares of cardstock to create a matt and layer base to fit your blank card base. Blend a mix of ink around the edges of the larger matt using 2 colours of ink. I used the Honey and the Lilac shades. Then, mount them together to create the matt and layer — at this point do not attach to the card front.

Step 2:

Die-cut the Spellbinders Scalloped Circle Die twice in ivory cardstock.

Step 3:

Take 1 of the Scalloped Circles and attach to the corner of the matt and layer.

Step 4:

Trim the edges off the Scalloped Circle that hang over the card to leave a pretty corner.

Step 5:

Carry on with all 4 corners of the matt, adding the Scalloped Circle to make the 4 corners. Then, attach the matt and layer to the blank card base.

Step 6:

Cut a circle of ivory cardstock to just a little larger than the Scalloped Circle, and then use ink to blend the colour to match the base matt on the card.

Step 7:

Attach the inked circle to the card and then add the Scalloped Circle to the top of the inked circle.

Step 8:

Die-cut the word “Blessings” in ivory cardstock.

Step 9:

Add the word “Blessings” to the centre of the Scalloped Circle on the front of the card.

Step 10:

Take a piece of ivory cardstock and ink on both sides of the edge of the card, using 2 different colours.

Step 11:

Trim 2 or 3 strips away from the double inked card, about 3mm wide.

Step 12:

Using a pokey tool or something similar, wrap the strips around the shank of the tool.

Step 13:

After curling your cardstock, your paper curls will look similar to this.

Step 14:

Die-cut 6 sets of flowers using the Succulent & Mum Flower Die Set. I only used the smaller 3 dies in the set.

Step 15:

Blend and ink all the flowers…

Step 16:

…and they should look something like this. Here are all my inked flowers in different colours.

Step 17:

Pinch the petals on all the flowers by nipping the petals together. Either use your thumb and 1st finger or fold.

Step 18:

All the flowers will look folded and stand up slightly when you have nipped the petals.

Step 19:

Glue the flowers together by stacking them on top of each other. Start with the largest at the bottom, then the middle size, and finally the smallest flower.

Step 20:

The flowers will look assorted in the colours.

Step 21:

Add the paper curls to the card front towards the bottom of the card, under the sentiment.

Step 22:

Attach the flowers on the paper curls.

Step 23:

Finally, attach the ribbon bow at the top of the Scalloped Circle

Step 24:

…and here’s the finished card!

What makes you feel blessed? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment box below!

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