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How to Make a Giant Gingerbread Man [Julie Peasgood]

How to Make a Giant Gingerbread Man [Julie Peasgood]

When Wendy and I were at the Stamps Away/CleverCut HQ last year, I was fascinated by this enormous MDF gingerbread man. Then, just as we were leaving, lovely owners Ali and Paul popped him into my boot as a surprise (quite a feat popping him anywhere as he’s nearly three feet tall!). Julie Peasgood

I pondered the best way to decorate him and decided that he might look good covered in a multitude of different brightly coloured sweets (like the gingerbread houses that I also love).

First, though, I needed to give him the classic gingerbread tone. I painted him in rich bronze Crafty Notions Radiance Paint. It’s very satisfying as it dries within minutes.

I then stole my hubby’s collection of big fat gold chocolate coins which he keeps every year and never eats. (I’ll invest in more for his stocking this Christmas!) I fixed them on with Pinflair‘s All-Stick all-purpose glue.

Liquorice Allsorts: Well, About That…

Miniature candy canes formed his ‘cummerbund’ and I couldn’t resist Liquorice Allsorts for his hands. (I’m very partial to Allsorts — years ago I did an ad for them in which my head was turned into the giant pink coconut one. You can watch this below if you fancy a giggle…)

Anyway, back to George the Gingerbread Man. I experimented with a few sweets but Quality Street (other sweets are available) seemed to do the trick most effectively. A tin of Quality Street is a Christmas staple in our house, and they made a lovely scarf, eyes, nose, and buttons.

Emulate the Look of Real Icing!

The final touch was courtesy of a brand new product from Pinflair. I had been looking for something that would give the appearance of icing (essential on gingerbread men) but that would obviously be more robust than icing sugar. ‘Snow It’ is a fantastic new addition to their range. It can be applied in various thicknesses, dries within the hour, and looks exactly like icing or snow. (Especially if you sprinkle on some very fine glitter to make it glisten).

If you want a snow effect, Create & Craft has an excellent product (supplied by Tattered Lace) called Frost, which adds a lovely delicate shimmer. I didn’t add any shimmer to George’s icing as I wanted it to look really authentic. So, I just added scrolls and zig-zag lines to him. (And then resisted the temptation to add even more!)

I think this could be a fun project for kids to do (if they can resist eating the materials!?! I found it quite difficult!) and thick cardboard would do nearly as well as MDF. George is now gracing our hall in preparation for the big day — with a strict no-nibbling rule until Christmas!

Share your thoughts, feelings, and deepest Christmas desires in the comment box below!

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