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Fresh Fruit: 1 of Your 5 Crafts a Day

Fresh Fruit: 1 of Your 5 Crafts a Day

This year, the fashion and interior design industries have been buzzing with excitement over incorporating fruit into their designs. Yep, you read that right! For some reason, watermelons, pineapples, strawberries and other fruit salad favourites have been the symbol of style in 2017. And, of course, the crafting world never misses out on such a fashionable opportunity. Top craft brands have recently been incorporating fresh fruit into their product designs, leaving us hungry for more. Here’s how you can get one of your five crafts a day.

Fruit has infiltrated the crafting market — and we love the freshness of the designs. If you need to balance your crafting diet a little better, we’ve rounded up our 10 favourite fruit-themed craft products for your enjoyment. How could you not want a big slice of these?!

10. Kwik Sew Pattern – Fruit Bags in Three Styles

Three fun citrus bags decorated with mouth-watering fruit appliqués. Tasty!

9. Santoro Kori Kumi Watermelon Shower Collection

It’s literally showered with watermelon. How adorable are the charms and washi tape??

8. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “Make Mine Lemon Lime” Die

Produce every part of a lemon and a lime with great detail. Now that’s lemonaid!

7. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “Apple a Day” Die

Keep the doctor at bay with a papercraft apple a day. Well… we can all dream that!

6. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “Orange You a Tomato” Die

Die-cut either an orange or a tomato! I love this die set from my head tomatoes…

5. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “Aren’t You Sweet” Die

Probably the most versatile die set, you can create strawberries, grapes, and cherries!

4. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “The Pearfect Avocado” Stamp & Die

These stamps and dies are the perfect pear! *Silence* I’m sorry, these puns are unpearable…

3. Spellbinders Market Fresh – “I’ll Have A Slice” Die

Make a slice of just about anything. Melon, grapefruit, pizza… that counts as fruit, right?

2. Corinne Lapierre Felt Pear Mini Kit

Create full-scale felt pear decorations to fruitify your home. Love is in the pear!

1. TODO Accessory Collection – Pineapple

Die-cut, hot foil and letterpress the majestic pineapple. Tropic like it’s hot.

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