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DIY Gifts: Quick & Easy Customised Mugs

DIY Gifts: Quick & Easy Customised Mugs

We’re all guilty of owning boring mugs. It just isn’t always easy to find mugs that epitomise you as a person. So what’s the solution? You should decorate your own! Customising mugs is far simpler than you’d imagine; all you need is a plain mug, a Sharpie, and an oven. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could use porcelain paints to create artwork. Whatever your chosen medium, customised mugs are perfect quick and easy DIY gifts!

There are a couple of simple ways to customise mugs. First up is the humble Sharpie. This method is perfect for adding character to your kitchen decor with illustrations or witty quips. The second method uses porcelain paint; this takes a little longer but produces a more professional finish. Personalised mugs are thoughtful gifts – why not give them a go?

How to Customise Mugs Using Sharpies

1. Find some plain white mugs. You could buy some or you may have some at home.

2. Choose which Sharpie(s) you’d like to use. For best results, it’s recommended to use Paint Sharpies; they’re oil-based and less likely to rub off after time in the oven.

3. Think about what you’d like to draw on the mug. Consider quotes, symbols or patterns. Once you’ve practised your design, it’s time to draw it directly onto the mug.

4. Leave the mug to dry overnight. If you don’t have overnight, then leaving it to dry for few hours should do the job. Draw over the design again if you feel it needs it.

5. Place the mug into the oven at 175°C for about half an hour. It’s important that you don’t preheat the oven – put the mug in before you turn it on. You should also leave the mug in the oven after you switch it off so it cools completely; this should stop cracking.

6. When it comes to washing your mug, never put it in the dishwasher; there’s a chance that part of the design will rub off. Instead, hand wash the mug very gently.

How to Customise Mugs Using Porcelain Paint

1. Pick out some plain white mugs from your kitchen cupboards or buy new ones.

2. Select your porcelain paints in colours of your choice. You’ll also need to get together a mixing plate, a cup of water, and a thin paintbrush.

3. Add a little porcelain paint to your mixing plate, then dilute it with some water. If you want several shades of a colour, you can keep amending the hue as you go along.

4. Paint your design onto the mug, then leave it to dry completely for about 24 hours.

5. Put the mug into the oven for about 40 minutes at 160°C. You should place the mug in the oven before you turn it on and then leave it to cool down completely in the oven after you turn the temperature off. This process should make the mug dishwasher safe!

Have you ever customised your own mugs? We’d love to see! Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment on the blog below.

1 thought on “DIY Gifts: Quick & Easy Customised Mugs”

  • This is a great idea
    But I have a better one use your Brother scan & cut to make your own stencils
    This could be a great idea to even make & sell
    Will need to find a fixative this way you can use a dishwasher to clean the mugs.

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