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The Diversity of Boxes – Wendy Turner Webster

“When the lovely Loen and I did a show together we had quite an array of items to get through, from embossing powders and fabric papers to decoupage papers and spring flowers. I have come to realise that when you’re a Create and Craft Ambassador, there is never a dull moment!” – Wendy Turner Webster of the Crafty Beggars

“Tinkering with the Trinket Box…”

I do love working with MDF. Unlike most people, I know I actually do like putting together flat packs – the bigger and more complex, the better! But whilst flat pack furniture construction isn’t for everyone, these trinket boxes certainly are. In fact, they’re so simple to slot together that even my flat pack-hating husband could have a go! He DIDN’T actually have a go, but upon seeing the finished trinket box decorated with Create and Craft foam frame stickers, Create and Craft glitter embossed stickers and Rare Earth embossing powder, he did make a good suggestion. Why not split up the top and bottom to make two separate projects?

“…and Now Just the Top!”

The top of this trinket box makes such a cute frame by itself. I like the pastel and springtime colours of Kerpowders embossing powders, so I used them to decorate the inside. For the frame, I used a black ink pad with their super-glittery Rare Earth embossing powder.

“Love the Light Box”

I was in my local charity shop (my favourite haunt!) and grabbed a bargain with this shabby looking box. It’s just perfect to do some upcycling! For the patterned design on the outside, I used a stencil with a floral design and various metallic shades of Buff-It Polish. It dries super-fast and can be buffed to a lovely shine! Now for the heart on the inside…

I cut a heart shape out of some oven mesh (the sheet that you pop in under your frozen chips!). I then decorated it with some spring flowers and one of my own bunny buttons in the centre of a glitter foam frame. A string of LED fairy lights later and it’s sitting on my shelf with a lovely warm glow. Just like glitter, one can never have enough fairy lights!

“Cardboard Keepsake Box”

I was intrigued to read that the Buff-It Polish range works on cardboard. It so happened that I had a decent cardboard box handy due to the consignment of products that had arrived for the Create and Craft show.

I set to work; the Buff-It Polish does indeed work on cardboard to great effect! It elevated my boring brown box into something I’d be pleased to put some treasures in and put out on display. With the creamy frame and sticker motif, I think it would make a perfect gift box for a wedding present or a keepsake box for wedding souvenirs. Now, where did I put my garter…

Interested in learning more about Wendy? View her ambassador page here!

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