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Do Halloween Like Debbie Shore: Witchy Long Legs

Do Halloween Like Debbie Shore: Witchy Long Legs

Have you ever wanted to sew something like Debbie Shore? We probably (most definitely) all have! Debbie is effortlessly brilliant at designing her own stitchcraft projects and putting the pieces together absolutely flawlessly. The good news is that it IS possible to do Halloween like Debbie Shore! How, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to Witchy Long Legs.

This spooky witch with her knobbly nose, single tooth, warts, and evil glare still has a flair for fashion with her stripy tights and lace-up boots! She’s made entirely from felt, making her super easy to sew. She can even be sewn by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine!

Find the Printable Version of Witchy Long Legs Here!

Materials Required:

Step 1:

To make the hat, firstly make a template by drawing two lines at right angles measuring 9”. Using your ruler, mark a 9” curve between each end of the lines.

Step 2:

Use this template to cut out one piece from black felt.

Step 3:

Cut out as many star and moon shapes as you like from yellow felt. If you can’t do this freehand, use templates from the internet. Hand sew them to the hat with red embroidery thread. Sew the long sides of the hat together to make a cone.

Step 4:

Take another 9” square of black felt and cut a 3” hole in the centre.

Step 5:

Trim the square into a circle – don’t worry about perfection!

Step 6:

Push the cone through the hole and sew by hand using an overedge stitch with black thread. You won’t notice the stitches so don’t worry about them being even.

Step 7:

Take two green felt squares and taper from the two top corners to the centre of the base to make triangles. Use a slightly wavy line.

Step 8:

Draw a circle to mark where the nose will go. Cut a 1.5” circle of black felt, then cut in half for the eyelids. Cut two 1” white felt circles, then two small black triangles for the pupils. The mouth is an embroidered wavy line and the tooth a small white rectangle. Use a back stitch for the mouth and glue the eyes and tooth in place. The warts on the chin are French knots.

Have fun with this part; Witchy could look cross, surprised, tired or happy, depending on how you place the eyelids and draw the mouth!

Step 9:

Cut out two nose pieces from the leftover face felt. These can be any triangular shape you like and should measure about 4” long.

Step 10:

Sew the two pieces together, leaving the short end open. Add a few French knot warts using red embroidery thread, then stuff with toy filler.

Step 11:

Hand sew the nose to the centre of the face with green thread. I also embroidered a running stitch across the eyelids. Add eyelashes, if you like!

Step 12:

Sew the two head pieces wrong sides together with a 1/8” seam allowance. It’s easier to sew with the seam showing as the nose could get in the way otherwise! Stuff lightly with toy filler, push inwards the top corners, and then sew across the top.

Step 13:

Cut the pink yarn into 24” lengths, enough to cover the top of the head. Fold the strips in half and, in a bunch, hand sew to the top of the head.

Step 14:

Pop on Witchy’s hat and either glue or hand sew in place.

Step 15:

Now let’s make those trendy tights. Cut your coloured felt squares into 1 ½” strips and sew together until you have the length you like. Mine are 17” long.

Step 16:

Cut in half lengthways and then sew the long edges together to make two tubes.

Step 17:

For the shoes, cut two black felt rectangles measuring 4” x 5”. Sew the long sides together and then fold so that the seam is at the back. Sew a curve around one end of each.

Step 18:

Cut around the curve. Turn the right side out and then embroider laces to each boot using red embroidery thread, tying in a bow.

Step 19:

Stuff the tights with toy filler and then push a boot onto each leg. Hand sew or glue to secure.

Step 20:

Make the arms by cutting a square of black felt in half and sewing a 3” piece of green felt to each end.

Step 21:

Sew the long ends together to make tubes, squash so that the seam is at the back, and sew a curve to the end as you did with the boots.

Step 22:

Trim the curve. Turn the right side out and stuff with toy filler.

Step 23:

To make the body, take two squares of black felt and trim the sides to make (almost!) a triangular shape measuring 3” at the top and 9” at the bottom. Sizes don’t have to be exact as long as both pieces are the same and are symmetrical.

Step 24:

Pin the arms, slightly facing downwards, to either side of the body. Pin the legs to the bottom and then sandwich the limbs in between the two body pieces. Sew all the way around, leaving the neck open. Remove any pins. Stuff the body with toy filler.

Step 25:

Loop the ribbon in half, pin to the top of the body, and sew straight across the opening. Remove the pin. Fold the netting in half lengthways and hand sew a running stitch around the fold to gather. Hand sew around the witch’s body.

Step 26:

Glue the head to the top of the body, adding a few hand stitches if you like.

Find the Printable Version of Witchy Long Legs Here!

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