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Crafties! We’ve launched a special COMPETITION on our blog to help you get the most out of your Father’s Day makes! All you have to do is create a Father’s Day themed craft item – easy right? It could be a crafty colouring, a crochet decoration, a delicious cake or a thoughtful card. Anything goes so long as you stick to the theme. Then you simply upload your make onto the blog so that people can vote for their favourites!

ALL CRAFTERS WELCOME! Be creative and go all out! We want to see all kinds of makes for this challenge and see what you can do with your craft. There will be 2 winners. The first winner will get £100 account credit to spend with us and the runner up will get £75 account credit to spend with us. Let the Crafty Challenge begin!

Simply upload your image below and don’t forget to vote. Each month we will set a new theme and challenge relating to an event going on in the world. Terms and conditions apply.

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Contest winners

1 place
Love you Daddy
3.5 of 5
2 place
Sue willsonA candy machine
2.9 of 5
3 place
Favourite Wine Bottle Holder/Carrier
2.9 of 5
Love you Daddy
Vote count:  3.5 of 5
Football and cogs
Vote count:  1.8 of 5
Fathers day card
Vote count:  1.4 of 5
Decoupage map box
Vote count:  1.8 of 5
daddy box frame
Vote count:  1.6 of 5
Past the finish line!
Vote count:  1.7 of 5
Sue willsonA candy machine
Vote count:  2.9 of 5
Father\'s Day cards
Vote count:  1.3 of 5
Dad Pop Up Box
Vote count:  2.2 of 5
father\'s day rosette
Vote count:  1.6 of 5
Father\'s Day decoupage
Vote count:  1.2 of 5
Book Art Dad
Vote count:  2.4 of 5

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