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Craft Your Prom: Decorations

Many schools will only put on a prom if there’s a prom committee planning it. This committee is lead by students for their fellow students, so it’s a pretty big deal. The school will give them a budget that they have to stick to, then they can go wild with ideas. The only trouble is, if there’s a budget, the sky isn’t really the limit. That’s why it’s a fantastic idea to craft your prom. Instead of buying table decorations, why not create your own? Then you’ll have more money left in your budget to use elsewhere. Get the whole prom committee crafting DIY decorations!

Decorations are what set the scene at proms. The prom will likely be held in the gym, a large hall, or a different venue entirely, so the decor will need jazzing up. Without a mountain of cash, this can feel like a pretty daunting task. If you can only buy in a certain number of decorations, how are you supposed to fill a whole room? Crafting is an easy and cost-effective way to counteract this problem. If you give yourself plenty of time to plan and create, your decorations could make your prom the event of the season. But what should you make?

Mason Jar Table Lights

Every party needs lighting to set the scene. You don’t want the main lights on – that’s way too bright – but you need something. The DJ will likely have their own set of disco lights, but that leaves dull areas around the room. Mason jar table lights are the ideal solution here. These discreet little table centrepieces are a joy to look at (who doesn’t like fairy lights?) and it couldn’t be simpler to make them. Plus, they tackle lighting and table decorations 2-in-1.

To make jar lights, you simply need a selection of mason jars or jam jars and some Bright Heart Lights or fairy lights. We recommend Bright Hearts; these lights are specifically designed for crafting and use powerful LEDs to give vividness to your projects. As well as jars, they can illuminate die-cuts from behind and add an enchanting glow to home decor. They’re battery-powered so you needn’t worry about keeping your projects close to the mains!

Hanging Gold Star Decorations

Stars and streamers. It’s as simple as that – but very effective. Hanging gold star decorations can fill up large sections of a room, offering brilliant overhead decorations that you stand under and think ‘…wow!’. Instead of welcoming prom goers into an airy room, the setting will feel cosier and well pulled together. So, how should you go about making these decorations?

To make the paper stars, you simply need some gold cardstock, a pair of scissors and a star template (you could risk going freestyle, but when does that ever work?). Cut out the template, lay the template over your gold cardstock, then cut around it. To make streamers, you need large sheets of crepe paper and scissors. Roll the crepe paper (short-side to short-side) then cut off a 2″ section. You can leave it straight or cut an evenly-spaced fringe. Mess up the fringe a little and unravel the roll to reveal a fluffy streamer. Repeat this process until you have your desired amount, then simply glue the gold stars to the ends of some.

Themed Fabric Bunting

Bunting is a brilliant way to liven up a wall, taking it from drab to fab in seconds. It looks simple, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact it has at a prom. Create your bunting to complement the theme of your prom, whether you’ve opted for black tie, casino, the ’80s, or another. Then, add the name of your school, ‘welcome’ or ‘prom’ as lettering.

To make bunting for your prom, you’ll need fat quarters (fabric) to match your theme, bias binding, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, sewing scissors, a triangular acrylic template, a sewing needle, and thread. If you have a sewing machine, it may be quicker to use that.

Cut around the template using a rotary cutter to create identical triangles out of your fabric. On contrasting fabric, draw out your letters and cut them out with scissors. Stitch the letters to the right side of a few of your fabric triangles. Place two pieces of your triangular fabric (a plain and lettered piece) back to back (the wrong side of the fabric facing out) and stitch around two sides of them, leaving the top. Then, simply unfold it so the right side of the fabric is facing out. Repeat this with the other triangles. Lay your bias binding out, then evenly space the new triangles out along it, spelling out your word or phrase (if you’re using lettering).

Make sure the flat tops of the triangles are sandwiched inside the bias binding at 2″ intervals, then pin it all the way along. Finally, sew the binding all the way across to secure it onto the triangles. Remember to remove the pins before you hang the bunting up at the prom!

Blackboard Wall Decoration

Even at a party, people need instructions. They may be looking for the bar (non-alcoholic, of course), searching for the toilets, or just need a mood booster. Blackboards are fantastic ways to get a message across, enabling you to instruct or direct your prom guests with a beautiful sign. If you think of yourself as a bit of a font maestro, you’ll have this one in the bag.

To make a blackboard wall decoration, you’ll firstly need to buy some vinyl chalkboard panels (they’re better than buying a framed chalkboard as you won’t need to hammer nails in the wall). These panels are as simple as peeling and sticking them to the wall, allowing you to reposition them as much as you need. You’ll also need some liquid chalk (as opposed to chalk sticks). Liquid chalk is long-lasting and durable. It applies like paint, won’t smudge or rub off as the night goes on, and is simple to clean up with a damp cloth. What will you write?

Have you ever created your own prom decorations? We’d love to see! Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment on the blog below.

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