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How to Make a Christmas Eve Box [Video]

How to Make a Christmas Eve Box [Video]

Christmas Eve is perhaps the most exciting day in a young child’s life; their anticipation for festivities is at its highest. Nearly all families spend this evening putting out carrots, mince pies and a glass of milk (or beer…) for Santa and his reindeer. But over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in a new tradition: Christmas Eve Boxes. The idea behind these packages is to help break up the anticipation of Christmas day for young kids. Inside the box, children usually find some small gifts like new pyjamas, a festive film, and a teddy. With interest in Christmas Eve Boxes growing, we want to help you save a few quid and make your own… and who better to call on than the Crafty Beggars?

Materials You’ll Need:

Tip #1:

Christmas Eve boxes can also be created from wooden crates or sturdy shoeboxes. Whatever you have to hand that’s appropriate to recycle. Gifts inside the boxes are usually slippers, nightwear, books, chocolates, and sweets — but, of course, it’s entirely up to you!

Tip #2:

If you find something that is a real statement piece and really stands out to you, use this as the basis of your design. In our case, this was the beautiful Create & Craft card… but it might be a sprig of holly, a Christmas card from last year, or even a small jewel that becomes your focus. It’s good to find a key central design for a project — we always love a good quote or sentiment!

Step 1:

Before everything¬†else, find a box to transform into your Christmas Eve box. We found an old documents box of Wendy’s that seemed ideal for upcycling. Although it was a bit tatty and discoloured, we knew it could be transformed!

Step 2:

Completely cover your box with Pinflair’s Buff-It cream in gold. This will cover any marks and make it look immediately festive. We also distressed the edges with Buff-It cream in bronze. Alternatively, you could use Art-C Texture Cream¬†or Crafty Notions Metallic Gleams.

Step 3:

Take a piece of thick Create & Craft Christmas card — we chose the one embossed with scrolls. We felt that this would add elegance and style. Glue it onto the top of the box with Pinflair‘s All-Stick — an all-purpose craft glue.

Step 4:

We had already printed out a little ditty of Wendy’s on the computer (with a parchment backdrop). Write your own text, print it out, and then glue this onto the card.

Step 5:

Glue on corner pieces from Create & Craft’s Glitter Foam Frame Sticker Kit and decorate them with Pinflair Pearl Wands (in the colour ‘pearl’) or Art-C Paint Writers.

Step 6:

Soften the edges of the ‘ditty’ card with layers of fabric flowers. Tiny gems make pretty centrepieces for the flowers. We also scattered a few little white flowers with pearl centres over the large embossed card.

Step 7:

As a final touch, tie a red ribbon around the box.

We decided that Wendy’s Mum and Dad are worthy recipients of this box. Christmas Eve boxes are a new trend and although they are mostly created for children, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be for parents or partners, too!

Will you be making a Christmas Eve Box this year? Share your story in the comment box below!

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  • I am making 2 Christmas Eve boxes for my daughters, with slipper socks, pyjama bottoms, a Christmas t-shirt and some biscuits, marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. My eldest daughter lives away and doesn’t return home until Christmas Eve, so this will be something we can all do together while drinking mulled cider and watching Christmas films.

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