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Crochet and Jewellery Making: A Success Story?

Crochet and Jewellery Making: A Success Story?

Crochet isn’t often associated with jewellery making. When we think of jewellery, most of us imagine elastic thread and wires — what we’d expect to see in accessory stores. In actuality, jewellery making can be far more diverse, borrowing techniques from a multitude of other […]

15 Crochet Animals To Add Cuteness To Any Home

Crochet animals have become a popular craze these past few years, heightened further by TOFT‘s exciting releases. What makes them so popular? They are overwhelmingly adorable – a factor that few crafters can resist. If we see a baby or a little puppy, we can’t […]

Take Your Crafting Under the Sea!

Take Your Crafting Under the Sea!

World Oceans Day celebrates our ocean on the 8th June this year, raising awareness for its protection. The ocean is a fundamental part of life on this planet; it’s our lifeblood. The plants depend on it, the animals depend on it, and we depend on […]

Why is Vintage Home Decor So Popular? [Projects]

Vintage home decor is at the top of trends at the moment. In fact, it has been for quite some time. But why is it so popular? If you have a Pinterest addiction like us, this will likely be the root of the obsession. We can […]

World Turtle Day: It’s Time to Shellebrate!

Most of us remember Crush. He was the ridiculously laid back sea turtle that helped Nemo’s father hitch a ride on the East Australian current in Finding Nemo. His fearless son, Squirt, also succeeded in stealing our hearts with his high-spirited personality and big expressive eyes, […]

No Time to Paws – National Pet Month is in Full Swing!

National Pet Month is in full swing! Just in case you haven’t already embraced it with full vigour, we thought we’d share a few fun and crafty ways you can enjoy the rest of April!

Is Crafting the Secret to a Happier Life?

To celebrate the International Day of Happiness, we want to recognise what really makes us happy. Some of the happiest moments for a lot of us is when we’re crafting. That goes for crafties here and across the world! Crafting is an extremely beneficial hobby and, […]

Showcasing You!

You may have noticed we’ve been ‘Showcasing You’ inspirational crafters on our Create & Craft Facebook page. We’re encouraging you to share your works in progress, your finished pieces and your tips with our Create & Craft community.

Meet Loopy Mango!

Get those knitting needles clicking with our Brand New Supplier; Loopy Mango!    

Have Your Herd the News? It’s National Wool Week!

Natural, renewable, breathable, insulating… we could go on and on, but we know ewe don’t need convincing just how fantastic wool is! This super-snug material has been massively appreciated by mankind since the Stone Age, and what better way to pay homage to the wonders […]

Bobo Stitch

Introducing Bobo Stitch, contemporary cross stitch kits with modern designs, striking patterns and fresh colours.

Baby Smiles

Keep your babies warm and snuggly with the unique new baby collection from Patons!

Rowan Shine Shawl

Craft this luxurious shawl with the stunning new collection from Rowan. With Swarovski violet beads and sumptuous silk haze yarn, this new kit creates a beautiful knitted shawl; perfect for spring evenings and summer weddings.

Santa Pom-pom

Make your Christmas tree extra special this year with this handmade Santa Claus pom-pom decoration. Easy to craft and fun to do, this festive make is perfect to get youngsters involved in preparing your abode for the Christmas period.

Meet Arne and Carlos

Fresh from their 2 hour flight from Norway, we caught up with the knitting duo ahead of their first show to chat everything from farms to fans.