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10 Ways to Jazz Up Old Glass Jars

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Wendy Turner Webster, of the Crafty Beggars, is renowned for her ability to reuse and upcycle old items found in the home. With the motto ‘Don’t bin it!’, she transforms old pieces of furniture, packaging, and accessories into something beautiful. That’s why we gave Wendy a challenge. We asked her to jazz up 10 old glass jars for practical and decorative use.

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Why is Vintage Home Decor So Popular? [Projects]

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Vintage home decor is at the top of trends at the moment. In fact, it has been for quite some time. But why is it so popular? If you have a Pinterest addiction like us, this will likely be the root of the obsession. We can scroll for hours through an infinite stream of vintage DIY projects, like creating hanging flower vases from old milk bottles and glueing wallpaper samples onto stairs. These ideas are out there – but familiar. They capture your attention, get your imagination going, and make you think “I could do that.” What makes vintage decor so attractive to people is that it is achievable. You can create your own beautiful home decor.

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