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Florals for Spring Crafting? Groundbreaking! [Top 20]

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If you’re a fan of a certain Hollywood movie, you’ll get the reference right away. Although florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, it’s an age-old tradition that’s been tried, tested, and works beautifully. Spring is the season of flowers; it’s when they come alive and really thrive. So it makes sense to incorporate blossoms into our everyday lives while we can. Crafting is not exempt from this custom – and Create & Craft know how to do florals right.

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12 Impressive Ways to Use Wilton Candy Melts

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Wilton’s Candy Melts are arguably one of the most versatile baking ingredients you can find. They’re a fantastic alternative to chocolate and royal icing; there’s no need to temper them and they’re firm enough to hold their shapes. Candy Melts are specially designed for dipping, drizzling, piping, moulding and building. To produce a smooth texture and mouth-watering taste, all you need to do is melt them in the microwave, on the hob, or in a fondue pot. To demonstrate their versatility, here are 12 impressive ways to use Candy Melts in baking!

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World Turtle Day: It’s Time to Shellebrate!

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Most of us remember Crush. He was the ridiculously laid back sea turtle that helped Nemo’s father hitch a ride on the East Australian current in Finding Nemo. His fearless son, Squirt, also succeeded in stealing our hearts with his high-spirited personality and big expressive eyes, so it’s no wonder that the world has dedicated an entire day to celebrating and protecting these fantastic creatures. That’s right, 23rd May 2017 is World Turtle Day!

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#NationalPizzaPartyDay [Inspiration]


Did you know that it’s ‘National Pizza Party Day’ on Friday 19th May? No? Then it’s a good thing you stumbled across this article! If you love pizza as much as you love socialising, this day will be the perfect annual addition to your life. But what is a pizza party? It’s literally just as it sounds. A pizza party is a large or small social meeting in which pizza is the primary foodstuff. As long as there are people and there’s pizza, it’s a pizza party. Ingenious, right?

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