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10 Ways to Jazz Up Old Glass Jars

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Wendy Turner Webster, of the Crafty Beggars, is renowned for her ability to reuse and upcycle old items found in the home. With the motto ‘Don’t bin it!’, she transforms old pieces of furniture, packaging, and accessories into something beautiful. That’s why we gave Wendy a challenge. We asked her to jazz up 10 old glass jars for practical and decorative use.

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Crafty Beggars: Fabulous Foils

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“When I first used coloured foils with some double-sided adhesive transfers, I actually gave a little yelp of delight when I saw the result! (Now you know what passes for entertainment in the Turner Webster household!). Joking aside, what I love about working with foils is the stunningly super-shiny results – it’s as simple as that. You can use a lot of foils to create a real wow factor or just a few bits here and there for highlighting purposes. Whatever way you choose to use them, the results will always be attention-grabbing.” Wendy Turner Webster

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Wendy Turner Webster’s Personalised Birthday Bunting

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“My son Jack is 18 later this year and I thought I’d get ahead of the game with some personalised ‘Birthday Bunting’! Create and Craft’s birthday celebrations inspired me to break open the THREADS Printable Fabric Paper and surf my computer files for some favourite childhood pictures. This is SO simple to do (with the aid of a quickie glue pen), yet really eye-catching. The simplicity of it means that personalised birthday bunting can be made in abundance (or should that be abuntance? Ha!). AND it’s a really lovely handmade project that will give a lot of pleasure, but won’t cost the Earth!” – Wendy Turner Webster

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Julie Peasgood’s Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes

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“When I first started thinking how best to celebrate Create and Craft‘s Birthday, I wanted to make a cake – but obviously not the amazing kind that the fabulous Mich Turner does, better than anyone! Instead, I came up with the idea of Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes. All of them are made with the toe part of new socks and from odds and ends in my multifarious crafting drawers! (Fluffy bed socks work best, by the way!)” – Julie Peasgood

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Crafty Beggars: The Magic of MDF

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Today’s blog post is from Wendy Turner Webster, of the Crafty Beggars, and focuses on wonderful woodwork. Get on social to let us know what you think of it, or drop us a comment below.

Wendy: “I love working with MDF; as a crafting medium it’s so versatile, excellent value for money, and there are lots of wonderful pre-cut shapes out there which make a crafter’s life very easy! We recently did a show on Create and Craft featuring MDF and Paints from ‘Stamps Away’, as well as Create and Craft’s Glitter Rub On Transfers – which one simply can’t have enough of! Time to get busy… talking of which…”

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