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Cassie Brown’s Watercolour Cake

“I love the faintness that watercolours give. I’ve seen so many people create watercolour effects using different colours of buttercream piped around the cake. Then, you simply run a scraper around the cake so that all the pastel colours run into each other – which looks amazing! I always usually use sugarpaste or fondant, so I fancied trying the watercolour effect on a 6″ tall by 4″ wide pre-iced cake. I’m using airbrush colours as they’re water-based; I’ve chosen three colours to work with: pink, purple and yellow.” – Cassie Brown

You Will Need:

How to Make an Amazing Watercolour Cake:

  1. Using a large round paintbrush, add the pink airbrush colour throughout. I thought that it was quite a strong colour, so I added a little water. Brush it onto the cake in circular movements to make a rounded shape that’s around 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Then, add the purple and yellow airbrush colours to fill in the gaps. Remember to make sure that it’s quite wet and to work quickly as you don’t want the colour to dry.
  2. Once the cake is covered with colour, dab strong kitchen roll over the colour to mop up any unwanted moisture and create a stippled effect, which I quite like. If you want more of a smudge effect, you can wipe the kitchen paper over the cake and it’ll look just as good. Leave to dry thoroughly.
  3. I used two Katy Sue Designs moulds to create plaques from sugarpaste, and then layered them onto the cake to add a little interest. Paint the wording in gold using edible paint or gel. Remember to experiment whilst playing with colours on cakes as you can always stumble upon new techniques and have fun in the process!

“Happy cake colouring!” – Cassie x

Have you recreated Cassie’s Watercolour Cake? We’d love to see! Contact us on Facebook or Twitter to share your cake decorating experience with us, or drop us a comment below.

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