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Debbie Shore Interview: Butterick Signature EB6100

Debbie Shore Interview: Butterick Signature EB6100

You may have heard that Butterick is launching a signature sewing machine very soon – and we are incredibly excited! This computerised machine includes a huge variety of high-spec features, enabling you to take your sewing projects to new heights. But instead of just listing its features, we decided to interview our internationally-renowned sewing expert, Debbie Shore, who has test-driven the machine. Here’s what Debbie thinks about the EB6100.

Today’s interview is with Debbie Shore, an internationally award-winning sewing personality. Debbie has been an important part of Create and Craft for many years, offering invaluable demonstrations and sewing expertise. We asked her to try out the Butterick Signature EB6100 and let us know, in her professional opinion, what she thinks of this new sewing machine.

Why would a dressmaker like this machine?

One-step buttonholes are so simple to sew with the EB6100. Every buttonhole will be uniform in size as the presser foot measures the size of the button. Sewing buttons on with your machine provides a really strong fix, so there’ll be no more buttons popping off!

Another fabulous feature is blind hemming. This can be for attire and curtains alike; it gives your project a really professional finish where you can’t see the hemming stitches. If you’re gifting or selling your projects, finishing off the seams with an overedge stitch makes your garments look shop-bought, whilst preventing the raw edges from fraying.

This machine offers many essential stitches. A stretch stitch is important if you’re using knitted fabrics like jersey. The stitch stretches with the fabric, so there’s no stitch cracking when you put your garment on! I think that little girls’ dresses look so pretty with borders sewn from decorative stitches. Plus, it’s a lovely finishing touch on lapels and pocket flaps!

If you’re sewing seams in jeans, you’ll benefit from the extra high presser foot lift to ease the foot over thicker seams. The extension table is a good rest for your wrists when sewing large items. It also acts as a support for larger pieces of fabric.

Why would a quilter like this machine?

The long tacking/basting stitch saves so much time when you’re piecing your quilt layers. Instead of pinning or hand-tacking, use this long stitch. It’s as easy to sew as it is to unpick!

Stitching in the ditch is a method of sewing over seams. A straight stitch adds depth but isn’t really seen. So how about using one (or some!) of the decorative stitches in the ditch stitches to add a little more interest to your quilt? Decorative stitches can create borders around your blocks; use a contrast colour thread to make the stitches stand out, or a self-coloured thread to add a touch of sophistication. I love the look of white stitching on white fabric!

The hand-stitched look is created by using a clear thread on the top of your machine and coloured thread on the bottom. Then, you just turn up the tension. The bottom thread is pulled through to the top to create the stitch. It’s quick and easy but gives the look of days of hand sewing! The EB6100‘s extension table is useful for resting your wrists on when stippling or creating free-motion embroidery. Plus, it helps to support the quilt as you sew.

Sew with an exact 1/4″ seam allowance by moving the needle to the 1/4″ position and using the edge of the presser foot as your guide. You’ll produce perfect seams every time!

Why did you want to be part of this Butterick launch?

I’ve been working with Butterick for some years now, demonstrating patterns and appearing at events, so I’m so excited to be involved in the development of their brand new sewing machine. Butterick is the most well-known pattern company in the world, producing patterns for the craft sewer and dressmaker alike. The EB6100 caters for novice and experienced sewers, dressmakers, quilters and home sewers. Ebenezer would have been proud!

Most of my work is with new sewers or those coming back to sewing, so working with McCalls/Butterick helps me take them on a new journey. The journey I actually began when I first started sewing! My mum was a dressmaker so I was brought up in a Butterick world.

I’m really looking forward to working with Create and Craft again. We can reach so many people worldwide and offer inspiration and advice to so many sewers. I love the personal touch, the interaction of live TV with presenters and viewers. Two huge brands coming together to bring the customer an amazing opportunity – who wouldn’t want to be involved?!

When can you see the Butterick Signature EB6100 on TV?

The Butterick brand was founded in 1863 by Ebenezer Butterick. It changed the face of home sewing forever with the first graded sewing pattern. Butterick continued to lead the way all over the world in make-it-yourself fashions for the next 150 years. Now part of the McCall Pattern Company, Butterick is taking this expertise further by launching a new range of sewing machines and accessories to market, exclusively available at Create and Craft.

Debbie Shore will be on Create and Craft UK screens from Tuesday, 18th July, expertly demonstrating the new and world exclusive Butterick Signature EB6100 Sewing Machine.

Ahead of the launch, we’re featuring a whole host of resources on our website, including exclusive projects and videos from Debbie Shore using the EB6100. This content is yet another reason for you to invest. You’ll be guided step-by-step through its functionality and capability and have a great selection of fun projects to get started with your machine.

Are you excited to see the EB6100? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or below!

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