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Why Should You Use Brayering in Your Cardmaking?

Why Should You Use Brayering in Your Cardmaking?

Add a soft wash of inky colour to your handmade cards — it’s simple to do and creates a beautiful background for your stamped card focals. All you need are dye-based ink pads, a water mister, and a brayer! This simple tool is incredibly useful in crafting. Instead of laboriously painting a card, brayers enable you to quickly and easily achieve colourful and interesting backgrounds with great texture. You can achieve a sort of watercolour effect — very on-trend!

To give you an idea of how this technique could benefit you, here’s some inspiration from Sara Naumann.

You Will Need:

Design Tip:

This brayering technique is great for creating instant backgrounds with dye-based ink. Here, I’m using smooth white uncoated cardstock; you’ll get different effects with watercolour cardstock or glossy card. Experiment to see which look suits your project!

Step 1:

Press the Dark Chocolate ink pad onto a craft sheet.

Step 2:

Lightly mist with water to create a wash.

Step 3:

Roll the brayer through the watery wash, then roll it across the white cardstock.

Step 4:

Let the brown ink dry, then repeat to brayer with Peach Perfect and then Cotton Candy ink.

Let each layer of ink dry before brayering on another colour.

Step 5:

Cover a blank card with brown striped paper and ink the edges with Peach Perfect.

Step 6:

Mat the top and bottom edges of the brayered piece on Kraft card and glue horizontally across the card front. Trim the edges even with the sides of the card.

Step 7:

Cut a 1″ wide strip of dotty paper. Ink the edges with Peach Perfect, then mat the top and bottom on Kraft cardstock. Glue horizontally across the card front.

Step 8:

Place white card on one side of the Load ‘N’ Fold, securing with a small piece of washi tape. Position the “everything” outline and “thanks for” stamps on the opposite side of the Load ‘N’ Fold. Ink with Dark Chocolate, then close the stamp positioner to stamp the sentiment.

Design Tip:

While it’s not strictly necessary to have the Load ‘N’ Fold tool for this project, I’ve found the tool makes a huge difference in my success rate with layered stamp designs like this one!

Step 9:

Leaving the stamped cardstock in place, remove the stamps from the Load ‘N’ Fold. Place the “everything” halftone stamp on top of the stamped “everything” outline.

Step 10:

Gently press the Load ‘N’ Fold together so the stamp clings to the plastic; lift off. Ink the stamp with Peach Perfect, then close the Load ‘N’ Fold so the halftone word will stamp perfectly in position to the outline.

Ink the edges with Peach Perfect, then mat on Kraft.

Step 11:

Wrap twine around the front panel of the card, securing the ends to the card front. Add the stamped sentiment with foam tape. Tie a bow in twine and glue to the right side of the sentiment. Add pearls.

Share your thoughts, feelings and deepest brayering desires with us in the comment box below!

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  • thank you Sara another wonderful inspirational idea
    I adore making thank you cards especially in about 4 weeks time 🙂
    I love altenew and the load and fold are a god send for any stamper no more half stamped images get binned now, 🙂

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