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Behind the Scenes at Crafty Beggars in the House!

Behind the Scenes at Crafty Beggars in the House!

Monday, 19th June sees the start of our brand new series of Crafty Beggars in the House! on Community Channel. It’s sponsored by Create and Craft and we’ve recorded 10 half-hour episodes which will go out every weekday evening at 6pm for two weeks!

Wendy Turner Webster

We filmed the series back in April and were lucky enough to have a run of really good weather – essential for un-muddy shoes, maintaining high spirits, and avoiding hair disasters! I kept my phone close to my side to take lots of photos. Here are a few we’d like to share…

Before & After

Set dressing is essential for studio-style filming, so the day before the start of the shoot Julie and I got to work! We had taken a carload of crafting goodies to decorate the set with – colourful things we had both made – and you can see from these before and after pictures how our set was transformed!



And this is the view from behind the camera:

Our Gorgeous Guests

We’ve got over 25 guests joining us for this latest series. Many of them came to our studio set, but in some cases, we took to the road and went to visit them instead.

Delroy took us from Junk to Funk; we gave a whole range of junky stuff a new lease of life with the aid of epoxy resin. Make sure you watch because you can try it at home… start saving your jam jar lids NOW!

Create and Craft’s very own Nigel May went to visit the Blind Veterans at their charity HQ in Brighton. Nigel interviewed the residents who were busy making fabulous works of art for their garden at the Hampton Court Flower Show in July.

Janie Bleach came to the studio and gave us a mini workshop. She also saved the day by giving a makeover to one of my shirts I had managed to burn a hole in whilst filming at Create and Craft. Ironing was never my strong point!

Ali Reeve shows us how to achieve tints and textures at the Stamps Away head office. With a little help from Oscar, of course.

The DIY Doers, Wayne and Steph, make several appearances in this latest series. Fancy making an outdoor fire pit out of a washing machine drum? Or maybe you want to know the best way of displaying your artwork on the wall? Watch the show and you’ll find out how.

Cocktail Queens

The crew are setting up outside for a much-anticipated part of the shoot – Crafty Cocktails with our Cocktail Queens, Bev and Anneka! You can also see now why we were so pleased with the good weather. Bev Macca and Anneka Svenska feature in five of our ten shows. Anneka shares her top recipes for some amazing vegan cocktails and Bev shares some crafty tips in her own inimitable style!

Proof that we are still standing after sampling all of the delicious cocktails!

Bev Macca showing off one of her alternative crafty tips: The Lazy Loafer. You’ll have to watch the show to find out more. Suffice to say that if you feel inspired, your next house party may well feature the now infamous LL…

Bev lets her luscious locks have a rest whilst Community Channel’s Zahra Rahman lends a hand with the positioning of her fabulously fake lashes. Unfortunately, Zahra managed to glue the lids of Bev’s peepers together whilst being distracted by our hunky young soundman. Bev’s lawyer assessed the case but thought that James (aforementioned soundman) was at fault for having an unannounced skinny dip in the pool.

Yes, we DO have a script! And here’s Julie running through hers in a rare quiet moment. She’s joined by Nigel Gregory from Community Channel. He said he was checking programme timings but I think he may have been having a sneaky look at James’ contract.

And finally…

How do people whose hands are on the telly keep them looking so craftylicious? Jane Means and Stephanie Weightman reveal their secrets. In the case of Steph, prepare to be shocked!

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