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10 Reasons To Check Out Our Instagram

10 Reasons To Check Out Our Instagram

If you love the Create and Craft blog, then you’ll adore our Instagram! Haven’t seen it yet? Don’t miss out for a second longer, hop on over and check out all the behind-the-scenes snaps, top crafting talent, quizzes, and more! Need convincing? Here’s 10 fantastic reasons why you should have a look!

1. We Are Here To Inspire You

It goes without saying that we’re a crafty bunch here at Create and Craft! It’s not just our presenters and guests who have the knowledge on the hottest trends, tips and techniques in the crafting world – we’ve all got something to say on the matter! And if you’d like to see more words of encouragement, motivation and inspiration from the wider Create and Craft crew, then get on over to Instagram, or dive a little further into the blog!

2. We Speak The Same Language

Yes, it’s true. We are fully qualified to create words as we see fit – especially if there’s a gaping hole in the Oxford English Dictionary where a truly awesome crafting term should be! Want to widen your crafty vocabulary and learn the only language that really matters? You know where to find out more!

3. We Take You Behind The Scenes

Look at this gorgeous trio opening up the NEC show late last year! We know you love to see what our presenters get up to behind the scenes, and there’s plenty of unusual, interesting (and some slightly peculiar!) insights into what goes on behind Create and Craft HQ’s closed doors! If you haven’t seen your favourite presenter on screen but still need your daily fix, head on over to Instagram and see what they’re getting up to!

4. We Understand You So Well!

Crafters… you know that when it comes to all things craft, no-one understands you quite like we do.  Yes, you do need a room the size of Parliament to craft in, why do the rest of the family keep trying to reclaim the house?! We hear you. Whenever you feel the need to cosy up in the corner and submerge yourself in crafting loveliness, just pop the kettle on, put your feet up and catch up on our Instagram feed.  It’s always gorgeous!

5. We Keep Our Eye On What’s Going On Out There

There are so many talented, creative and inspiring artists and makers out there, it would be such a shame not to share what they’re doing with you all… so we do! Whenever we see something we adore, we simply have to share it… and Instagram’s the place you’ll find it! This stunning embroidered bumblebee is just one example of a project we thought was bee-autiful… there are plenty more where this came from!

6. Our Forecasts Are Scarily Accurate

Forget all your regular weather update providers… no-one gets it quite as spot-on as we do! That’s right, when we predict a weekend of heavy crafting up ahead, you know it’s time to crack open the craft cupboard, and get creative. But how will you know whether to knit warm woollies or create cocktail umbrellas? Keep your eyes on Instagram!

7. We Keep You In The Loop

You know how exciting our brand new launches can be… the suspense can be all too much if you have no idea what’s in store! Which is why our Instagram should be your new digital bestie when it comes to staying in the loop. We love to share exciting news, exciting products, and upcoming shows… although sometimes we’ll only drop hints and clues! Keep your eyes on Instagram and see what you can spot!

8. We Take You EVEN FURTHER Behind The Scenes!

We know you love to see what goes on behind the scenes, on-set, and at the crafty events we attend – but we’re not shy! Oh no – we’ll take you even further behind the scenes than that. As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment at Create and Craft HQ, and if there’s an excuse to have some fun on the office floor, you can bet we’ll grab the opportunity with both hands! This is a snap of just some of the fun we enjoyed in the run-up to Christmas – a good old fashioned festive fancy dress! Because nothing screams Christmas like a T-Rex in tinsel, right Crafties?!

9. It’s Yet Another Way To Join The Community

You know that here at Create and Craft, nothing is more important to us than the incredible sense of community there is among our crafters. It’s the sharing of the things we make, the skills we build and the tips and tricks we discover that makes our community such a fantastic one to be a part of – and Instagram allows us to bring you even more of that! So we encourage you to dive into the blog regularly for heaps of inspirational projects, interviews and ideas, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that we can get social together! Tell us what you’ve been making, what you’re looking forward to, and what you’d like to see more of for 2018!


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