National Cupcake Week: The Sequel


We are a nation of cupcake-lovers. It’s evident in our TV schedules, our weekly meal plans (or, *ahem*… sneaky treats), and across our bookshelves. In great honour of the humble cupcake, National Cupcake Week celebrates our favourite sweet sensation (and gives us an amazing excuse to divulge ourselves in copious amounts of it!).

In fact, cupcakes are THAT glorious, I’m currently writing this sequel to our original National Cupcake Week blog post! I really love cupcakes. Unfortunately, we’re nearing the end of this delectable week – but we’ve still got two days to celebrate (and bake excessively). For this reason, we’ve devised three recipes for you to get stuck into this weekend. There’s one for the vanilla-lovers, one for the gluten-intolerant, and even one for the vegans too!


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6 Animal Halloween Costumes for Adults & Kids

Halloween, Sewing

Have you and the kids decided what your Halloween costumes are going to be yet? We’ve got just the trick (or treat… hehe): animal costumes. Whether you admire the mighty lion silently stalking its prey across the African savanna, marvel at rainforest-dwelling gorilla pounding its powerful chest, or just envy your house cat leisurely relaxing across the arm of your sofa, this is your opportunity to become your favourite animal – for one night only.


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