Sarah Millsop’s Bicone Cluster Necklace

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“These Bicone Clusters are quick and simple to make, and a great way to add glamour and glitz to an outfit. You can make as many of them as you like and thread onto cords or ribbons to decorate. I’ve made three for this necklace and used left over bicones from previous projects! You only need 12 bicones per beaded cluster and 8 seed beads, so it can be an inexpensive make and perfect for beginners.” – Sarah Millsop

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Need Last-Minute Mother’s Day Inspiration?

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner – but what if you’ve left your present shopping to the last minute? There’s no need to panic; crafting will save the day! What makes homemade gifts even more special is that they’ll be completely unique to you. Whether you’re creating a bespoke gift or treat for your mum, you’re helping your kids make a present for their mum, or you’re a proactive grandparent helping your grandchild make the perfect surprise for your daughter, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover handcrafted Mother’s Day inspiration!

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EXCLUSIVE Reveal Behind the Scenes of #CCBIRTHDAY 2017

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We just CANNOT hold in our excitement to FINALLY reveal our C&C 14th Birthday Party theme… IT’S CARNIVAL TIME! We’re inviting you to celebrate along with us from April 20th-26th for 5 fun-tastic days of non-stop celebrating. To make the fun easier to digest we’ve got a list of reasons why YOU should join our party! We also snuck behind the scenes to grab you exclusive backstage gossip of the set being built. Don’t you just love a party?! Use the hashtag #CCBirthday to join in the fun!

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Are You Ready for International Waffle Day?

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The story behind International Waffle Day is a rather amusing one. The tradition began in Sweden (where the day is mostly celebrated) and is honoured every year on 25th March. On the same day, the Swedish celebrate ‘Our Lady’s Day’, or the Feast of the Annunciation. In vernacular Swedish, ‘Our Lady’s Day’ translates as Vårfrudagen, which, funnily enough, sounds very similar to Våffeldagen – meaning ‘Waffle Day’. Luckily for us, this confusion lead to the creation of a day that honours one of our favourite breakfast treats: the waffle. To join our European friends in commemoration of this day, we’ve created 4 waffle recipes for you!

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