Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Mel Heaton Makes

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Our wonderfully creative Mel Heaton has been getting crafty this week (no surprise there – the woman is a crafting goddess!) and has made these breathtaking Beauty and the Beast home decor pieces. Here is a sneaky peek at her makes just for you, shot by our in-house Photography team. How amazing are the cob-webbing details?! You can see more of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast collections on our website AND stay tuned for the exclusive blog project from Mel herself, so you can get making these enchanted pieces too!

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Florals for Spring Crafting? Groundbreaking! [Top 20]

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If you’re a fan of a certain Hollywood movie, you’ll get the reference right away. Although florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, it’s an age-old tradition that’s been tried, tested, and works beautifully. Spring is the season of flowers; it’s when they come alive and really thrive. So it makes sense to incorporate blossoms into our everyday lives while we can. Crafting is not exempt from this custom – and Create & Craft know how to do florals right.

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